Unbundled Services

Included Attorney Time

All of our Standard Services available for purchase on our website include at least 30 minutes of consultation time in addition to providing the included services. Some include more time. Check the details of the service you’re interested in to see how much time is included.

In general, the amount of included time corresponds with the price of the Service. The table below lists how we calculate included time. Some Services may vary though, so check the listing of the Service you purchase to see the actual included time.

Service Price Included Attorney Time
$0-195 30 minutes
$195-395 1 hour
$395-595 1.5 hours
$595-795 2 hours
$795-1100 2.5 hours

Limited Representation

We can offer our Standard Services because we limit our representation strictly to the Services purchased. These engagements include a certain set of services with additional charges for things that happen outside the ordinary course of those matters. Our representation of you stops once we deliver the service.